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Leah Kosiek



Joseph Henderson

Brittany Maroney




James McDonald





Robert McMinn

Sound and Recording Tech 

 Bachelors degree in Violin Performance. SWOOP! 

I've been performing professionally since 2007. I talk too much about my garden, which has green beans, peas, carrots, and cabbage and the richest soil you can find. Bucket list:  skydiving and attending a concert at the Vienna Philharmonic.

Joe's just wanna have fun. 

Arranger, Teacher, Violinist, and Violist. Our recording of 'Secrets' is one of his arrangements and insight into his creative mind. Joseph was the guy in college I always wished I could look as calm as. He makes playing violin look easy and if he ever breaks a sweat during a performance, you won't see it. 

Principal violist of the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville. Mom of Millie the Great Dane. You can often find her either working in her cut flower garden trying to rehab caterpillars to become the very best butterfly they can be or visiting parks and trails to get her sniff on (referring to Millie). Leah has an especially cool car  and matter how good of a day you're having, I can guarantee you will always be jealous of her hair.

UNF Alumni, SWOOP! Bachelor's degree in Cello Performance. Brittany has performed with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Styx, and Celtic Woman. Brittany is a teacher by day, incredible performer by night. She feels privileged to be a part of such an incredible music community and enjoys cooking and gardening in her spare time. 

Luke Skywalker with a guitar. When James, in his best British accent, says "Stop. From the tippy top," that means you didn't play it well enough the first time. He's been playing in bands since age 16, was a worship leader for seven years, and now lead pastor at Beaches Chapel Church. Y'all come out.

 His thumbs up means we can start playing. We're always sure to be extra nice to him. Not just because he's a great, talented friend, but also because we know he probably has a stash of fantastic outtakes and bloopers of us. But he hasn't used them against us. Yet.